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Sone - The Social Network Plugin for Freenet

You can enter this URI directly into the “Plugin Key” field on your Plugin Manager page:


This will allow your node to automatically update the plugin when you click the “Reload” button.

The following links are for downloading the JAR file or the source code manually; if you simply want to use Sone, do not use any of these links but input the above key in the Plugin Manager!

Current Version (v81)

Sourcecode (for version v81)

You can also get the source code for Sone from the non-anonymous internet:

This version of Sone requires at least build 1475 of Freenet. Please update Freenet before installing Sone.

Sone requires the the web of trust plugin which is distributed together with your node, starting with build 1360. Please head over to the Plugin Manager and load the “Web of Trust” plugin. You can also visit the homepage of the web of trust plugin at USK@MF2Vc6…/wotplugin/22/.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Sone not an official plugin?
Sone currently has scaling issues. For the low number of current users it is completely sufficient but its resource consumption (mostly memory) will grow with each additional user. The size of your inserted Sones will also grow when you create new posts and replies. Both these issues need to be fixed before Sone can even be considered a good candidate for an official plugin. As soon as I am done with that, the source code of Sone needs to be reviewed by a Freenet developer, preferrably somebody else than me, to check the source code for obvious misusage of Freenet, or privacy leaks, or (possibly) security holes. When all that is through, Sone will be made an official plugin.
I installed a new version but the Plugin Manager is still showing the old version!
If you are using Linux (or some other non-Windows system) you have to make sure that you tick the “remove cached plugin” checkbox when reloading the plugin. If you are on Windows you have to unload the plugin (tick the checkbox!), shut down your node, manually delete the plugin file from the plugins directory, restart the node, and install the new plugin using the Plugin Manager as outlined above.
Plugin Manager is highlighted like a link but I can’t click it!
Freenet’s content filter removes links to URLs it doesn’t recognize as being valid. It does have an exception for the bookmarks toadlet that lets you add a bookmark for this page but it currently won’t let you link to the plugin manager. You have to open another tab in your browser and open the plugin manager yourself.
Do you need <random language> translations?
Yes, always! If you want to translate Sone into your language, take a closer look at the Translator Information Page I have created it for awesome people like you!
I get an exception (something about Could not initialize class sun.java2d.Disposer) when uploading an image!
Chances are you are running Freenet on a headless Linux/UNIX system. Install libXtst and restart your node.
Who are you?
The name’s David Roden but you might know me under my nickname “Bombe.” You also might know jSite, a tool that I wrote for inserting websites into Freenet.

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